What is the Twisted Monkey?

That’s a good question!  The problem with shopping in todays stores is that most are all the same big box retailers or chain stores.   No matter where you go in the United States you will find the same stores with the same boring merchandise.  You can go to a Seattle mall and find the same store in Las Vegas with the same stuff.  It is rare that you will find a unique store these days carrying hard to find, off the wall items.

At Twisted Monkey we carry items that don’t make sense!  You will find something for everyone at our store.  Hard to shop for people becomes easy.  You cannot walk into our store and not find something you want.  Our shop is an experience!  You cannot label it!  We have thousands of different types of items in our shop.  If you can find it at Walmart we will not carry it!

What might you find?  Let’s start with skulls.  Lots of skulls!  Skull rings, skull T-shirts & skull figures.  Don’t like skulls you say.  How about dogs?  We carry dog T-shirts, dog figures and dog leashes.  

Oh are you a Funko Pops collector?  We have one of the largest Funko Pops displays in store!  We carry the hard to find Funkos too!  Over 500 Funkos in stock all the time!   And more arriving everyday!  

Collect Knives?  We carrying boot knives, throwing stars, Folders, Fixed Blades, Swords, Hidden Knives, Hunting knives and collector knives.  If you like steel you better shop at Twisted Monkey!

Do you smoke?   We have a huge selection of water pipes to choose from and custom pieces too!  Zippo lighters too!  Lots of them!

Do you need any flags?  We carry a large selection of sports team flags, national flags, state flags, novelty flags and international flags.

Oh your a sports fan?  NFL, NHL, MLB and College awaits!   And we carry all the teams!  Not just the local teams!   Chicago Bears, Tennessee Titans, Cleveland Browns...no problem here!  Of course we have Steelers, Broncos, Seahawks, Raiders and all the other 32 NFL teams.  Hockey fan?  Yep we have something for you too!  Vegas Knights, Bruins, Penguins, Blues?  We carry all the teams hockey fan gear!  MLB?  Yes from the Seattle Mariners to the New York Mets!  All teams...all the time!   Banners, Flags, Keychains, Signs, Collectables, Jewelry, Wallets, Clothing and more!   And lets not forget college teams!  Yep have those too!

Maybe your into magic!  We are one of the last standing magic shops in the state!  Everything from beginning magician to professional magician.  We can help you pick out a trick, dvd or joke item that will be sure to provide entertainment and laughs for your audience!  We also stock balloons and instruction on how to make those balloon dogs and other such creatures!  Looking for professional Halloween make up out of season?  Yes we have that too!

Are you a skater?  Only skate shop in town!  We have decks, wheels, bearings, longboards, grip tape, trucks and more!  Complete skate shop for your skateboarding needs!  

RC Fan?  Yes we have drones, RC cars, tanks that shoot and other fun remote control vehicles at a variety of price points.  

Into Fantasy?  We have dragons, nomes and other types of collectibles that will delight you.  

So what kind of shop is Twisted Monkey?   The kind of shop that you will want to see and experience for yourself!   Be sure to like us on Facebook at Twisted Monkey Kelso!  We have way more items in our store than we have on our website so be sure to call or stop by!  Look forward to seeing you!  We are located inside Three Rivers Mall in Kelso WA,  across from Bath & Body Works.  

Have a Twisted Day!